Safeguarding You empowers community non-profits and smaller businesses with a simplified, automated, and affordable way to proactively safeguarde their kids and staff. 

As the first and only platform specifically designed for the nuanced needs of smaller businesses and non-profits, we make safeguarding governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) accessible, allowing you to protect what matters most without the complexity or cost traditionally associated with risk management and compliance solutions.

Safeguarding Kids…

AFL Child Safeguarding

Child safeguarding best practices for community Aussie Rules clubs and leagues.

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Child Safeguarding

Child safeguarding best practices for organisations in sport, arts & recreation.

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Vic. Child Safe Standards

A pathway to best practices and compliance with the VCSS..

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Safeguarding Staff…

Health & Safety

Smaller businesses committed to protecting their most valuable assets.

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Human Resources

Empowering smaller businesses to stand out as an employer of choice.

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Mental Health

Take the mental health and psychosocial hazards of your staff seriously.

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How it Works

ALL PROGRAMS include access to a digital library of amazing tools & resources!

Compliance shouldn’t be a burden.

It’s an opportunity to differentiate yourself. 

As the modern world becomes more complex and regulated, the cost and effort required to manage safeguarding responsibilities can be overwhelming.  However, not doing so can be even more costly in terms of lost revenue, legal fees, and damage to your reputation.

This is where Safeguarding You comes in. 

As a game changing AI enabled SaaS #RegTech platform offering affordable and infinitely scalable online risk-based programs modelled on best practice standards, we make it easy for businesses and community organisations to assess, report, remediate, improve, review and certify.  Our platform helps you mitigate risks, improve compliance posture, and build trust in brand to power growth.

Safeguarding Survival Guide

Tailored for CSO’s, this guide cuts through the noise to deliver actionable strategies in Child Safeguarding.
More than just advice – it’s a blueprint for success. Avoid pitfalls, make smart decisions, and drive your organisation towards safer standards and sustainable growth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn information into power.

Child Safeguarding Implementation Program

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