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Modern Slavery Program - ML1​

In our interconnected global economy, modern slavery is an alarming and pervasive issue that threatens every business, regardless of its size. Enterprises, both small and large, can unwittingly become part of an exploitative supply chain that involves forced labor, human trafficking, or child labor.

Not only does this represent a gross violation of human rights, but it also introduces considerable risks to businesses, including legal penalties, brand reputation damage, and loss of consumer trust. This, combined with stricter regulations worldwide requiring businesses to demonstrate their efforts against modern slavery, makes it an urgent priority for companies to ensure ethical and fair labor practices throughout their supply chains.

Certified By’s Modern Slavery Program provides a framework and assessment to measure, identify, assess and mitigate modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chain. 

How it Works

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This Program Includes

  • 7 Components
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  • Action Management Module
  • Digital Library of Resources
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Program Modules

1. Risk Identification & Assessment

Figure out where and how slavery-like practices, like forced labor, might be happening in your business or supply chain. It's about checking if there's a chance of these issues occurring, and how bad the impact could be. This process helps you make sure you are not part of the problem and find ways to stop or fix these issues.

2. Policy & Governance

Set up clear rules and a system to manage how you deal with issues related to modern slavery. This includes creating policies that say no to practices like forced labor in their business and supply chain. It's about making sure everyone in the company understands these rules and follows them.

3. Due Diligence & Supplier Engagement

Carefully check and work closely with the companies that supply you goods or services to make sure you are not involved in modern slavery. This involves investigating their practices, ensuring they treat workers fairly, and don't use forced labor. It's about being responsible and making sure that your suppliers follow ethical and legal standards too.

4. Employee Training & Awareness

Teach and inform your staff about the issues of modern slavery. It's about making sure employees understand what modern slavery looks like, how to spot it, and what to do if they see it happening in their work or in the supply chain. The idea is to equip everyone in with the knowledge and tools to help prevent modern slavery.

5. Reporting & Transparency

Openly share information about what you are doing to tackle modern slavery. This includes regularly providing detailed reports about your efforts and progress in preventing forced labor and human trafficking in your operations and supply chain. The goal is to be clear and honest with the public, investors, and other stakeholders about your actions and challenges in dealing with these issues.

6. Remediation & Grievance Mechanisms

Have a plan and tools to fix problems and listen to complaints about modern slavery. This involves setting up ways for workers and others to report issues like forced labor without fear and ensuring that these issues are addressed fairly and effectively. It's about making things right if something goes wrong and giving people a safe way to speak up.

7. Collaboration & Continuous Improvement

Work together with others and constantly look for ways to do better in fighting modern slavery. This includes sharing ideas, strategies, and learning from each other to improve how they tackle issues like forced labor. It’s about not just doing things once but always trying to find better ways to prevent and address modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

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