Partner Program Guidelines

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

vendors & affiliates

“ the whole is greater than the sum of its parts ”

As CertifiedBy builds a name for itself, it is strengthened by the resolve of its partners. We’re bringing best practice to the forgotten (or ignored) SMEs and Non Profits in mature service and supply chains, and we need the expertise, capabilities and credentials of many others (incumbents, influencers & disruptors), to bring something truly unique to market, at scale. 

Our partners are an extension of us, and each play a vital role in our growth. We are dedicated to enabling a profitable and focused partner ecosystem, committed to driving core business growth. By partnering with CertifiedBy, you are choosing to:

  • Embrace the chaos
  • Innovate or die
  • Inspire early adoption
  • Disrupt traditional thinking, and
  • Do well by doing good

We are dedicated to working with our partners personally, providing proactive management and open communication needed to be successful. We work with our partners to define joint business opportunities, development activities, target marketing initiatives and support technical needs. 

We rely on the subject matter expertise and experience of our partners to deliver premium customer outcomes. We appreciate your support, and hope to work with you to help change the world. 

Adam Wood
Founder & CEO

A world leading fit-for-purpose RegTech for SME’s Non Profits in mature Service and Supply Chains. 

We provide businesses or all shapes and sizes affordable online programs for businesses to measure themselves against international best practice standards of Workplace Relations, Cyber & Data Security and Sustainability & ESG.  

Importantly, we also help businesses remediate weaknesses, thanks to the products and services provided by our partners.

Partner Program

CertifiedBy customers will need help, from subject matter experts who can help them successfully navigate the complexities of working in a modern global economy, and we take a Partner-First Approach to Solving Customer Challenges. 

CertifiedBy’s partner program caters to 2 Partner Types, to help customers mitigate risk, improve performance and grow their businesses. 

  • VENDOR Partner
  • AFFILIATE Partner

The program is designed to recognise partner strengths, to elevate market profile and provide the tools & expertise to drive business success.


partner type


vendor partner

organisations with complimentary products & services. these organisations wish to accelerate portfolio innovation, expand market awareness and increase sales. 

vendor partners include, but are not limited to, the following types of organisations: accounting, advisory, banking, certification bodies, cloud and hosting, franchisors, human resources, industry bodies and associations, insurance, legal, tech and telcos.


organisations that resell certifiedby products and services to assist customers remediate weaknesses, improve performance and achieve sustainable business success. 

service providers include, but are not limited to, the following types of organisations: accounting, advisory, banking, certification bodies, cloud and hosting, franchisors, human resources, industry bodies and associations, insurance, legal, tech and telcos., 

these partners belong to one of several tiers in the partner program >>> registered, silver and gold.

vendor + affiliate partnerorganisations that wish to be both vendor and affiliate partners.  



As our partner, you will be recognised for your business capabilities. We will recognise you based on your demonstrated ability to sell, implement, and / or support CertifiedBy customers in areas that accelerate a successful business transformation journey by mitigating risk and powering growth. CertifiedBy users will be introduced to your company based on your capabilities and location. 

Stand out from the crowd with the following business capabilities.

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Free Programs
  3. Lite Programs
  4. Premium Programs
  5. Risk Assessments
  6. Remediation options
  7. Digital Library
  8. Standards Synergy
  9. Support Services
  10. Concierge Services

Pique your interest?

Partner Benefits

The CertifiedBy Partner Program benefits are designed to enable all our partners to extend their market and to grow their business. Your benefits increase as you move up the Partner Tiers – Registered, Silver and Gold. 






CertifiedBy Business Capabilities

Partner Digital Media Kit

Partner Training


Partner Incentives

For the right partners, CertifiedBy provides a rewarding incentive scheme to motivate sales performance, growth, and revenue generation. 





Deal-based incentives to accelerate growth of CertifiedBy solutions. 

Partner Referral 

Partner referral incentives to accelerate growth of CertifiedBy partners.  

Market Development 

Supports activities that promote your sales & marketing of CertifiedBy solutions and extend your brand and ours in the market. 

Partner Agreement

As a CertifiedBy partner, you are required to have a valid, signed agreement with CertifiedBy, authorising your a) resale of CertifiedBy products, b) use of CertifiedBy products, and / or c) vendor status (the “Partner Agreement”). You must remain compliant with the Partner Agreement during its term. Your Partner Agreement sets forth terms, conditions, and operating expectations for you and for CertifiedBy to follow and provides legal and financial protection to both you and CertifiedBy.

Revenue Thresholds

CertifiedBy reviews your revenue performance against the program minimums annually to confirm your compliance with the program. Eligible revenue is based on premium sales (retail and enterprise) and is determined by CertifiedBy for the previous 12-month period.

Training Requirements

If you are a CertifiedBy Partner, you must complete defined training requirements. You must ensure you have reached the milestones that are defined in the training path and who have received accreditation. For more information about these training requirements, contact CertifiedBy.