Similar to how Xero transformed Accounting for SMEs...

Certified By is now transforming Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).

Compliance - Your Ticket to Procurement Excellence

In the fast-paced world of procurement and tender pipelines, standing out to value chain managers is key to winning new business. As an SME vendor, you face the dual challenge of remaining agile while also meeting stringent governance, risk and compliance (GRC) standards. Certified By is your solution – transforming GRC into your strongest pitch in the procurement game.

We transform compliance from a challenge into a strategic asset, enabling your scaleup to enter new markets confidently and compliantly.

Cyber Essentials

Every business needs to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from a cyber breach, but most wouldn’t know where to start. 

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Workplace Essentials

To be an employer of choice, responsible Workplace Health & Safety & Human Resources practices are simply non-negotiable.

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ESG Essentials

Sustainability and ESG is  an increasingly important challenge for organisations to manage, but few know what it is or how to tackle it.

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Standing Out in the Competitive Procurement Landscape

In procurement, the difference between winning and losing often hinges on trust and reliability. However, the complexity of GRC can be overwhelming for SMEs. Certified By tailors compliance solutions to fit the unique needs of vendors and SMEs, ensuring you not only meet but exceed the expectations of value chain managers.

Value Chain Trust

Showcase a robust GRC posture that elevates your business in the eyes of decision-makers.

Simplified Compliance

Navigate the complex world of GRC with an easy-to-use, scalable and intuitive platform.


Identify and mitigate risks, portraying your business as a reliable, low-risk partner in the value chain.


Leverage GRC as a differentiator to gain an edge in tendering and procurement decisions.

Game-Changing GRC

Certified By is not just about saving time and money; it's about making GRC a catalyst for growth.

Empowering SME Vendors in Procurement

At Certified By, we understand the unique pressures SME vendors face in procurement processes. Our platform is more than a compliance tool; it’s a strategic asset that helps you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and reliability, setting you apart in the competitive world of procurement.

How it Works

Procurement GRC Blueprint

Tailored for businesses in procurement & tendering value chains, this guide cuts through the noise to deliver actionable strategies in Governance, Risk, and Compliance. More than just advice – it’s a blueprint for success. 

win more in procurement & tendering

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