Why Being An Employer Of Choice Is Simply Non-Negotiable.

Are you finding it harder to attract top talent? You’re not alone. Worker shortages are becoming a nationwide epidemic, and businesses that want to stay competitive need to do something about it. Luckily, there’s something you can do to stand out from the competition: become an employer of choice.

What does that mean, exactly? It means creating a work environment that is conducive to productivity and employee satisfaction. It means prioritising people and culture over profits.

It means making worker safety a top priority. It means offering benefits that go beyond the bare minimum, and most importantly, it means being dedicated to continuous improvement.

Worker shortages and the rise of the ‘Employer of Choice’.

With an ever-growing mental health crisis and the recent outbreak of Covid19, workers are itching for a change. They’re craving meaning, connection, and a sense of safety in their workplace. And in today’s job market, they have more choice than ever before. The war for talent has never been more fierce and employers need to be more strategic than ever to attract and retain top employees. But what does it take to be an employer of choice?

For starters, employers need to create a people-first culture that values mental health and well-being. They need to provide ample opportunities for connection, collaboration, and growth. And they need to ensure that their employees feel safe physically, emotionally, and mentally at work. Additionally, employers need to be prepared to offer competitive salaries and benefits packages as well as opportunities for professional development. Finally, employers need to be able to articulate their WHY – why their company is different and why their employees should stick around.

In today’s competitive job market, being an employer of choice is essential to attracting and retaining top talent. By creating a people-first culture and invest in their employees’ mental health and well-being, employers can set themselves apart from the competition and build a strong foundation for long-term success.

Learn from the best who lead by example. 

Case studies show that accounting, advisory and risk management firms are the most sought-after employers in the white-collar job market. The “big four” accounting firms – Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers – consistently rank among the top 10 employers of choice in surveys conducted by independent research firms. They are also the top choice of accounting and finance students in college graduate surveys. These firms offer some of the best training and development programs in the profession, along with competitive salaries and benefits. They are also known for their collaborative cultures and commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a result, they attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace. For businesses looking to improve their employer brand, these firms provide a great example to follow.

Top 6 Tips for building a workplace of choice:

  1. Prioritise people and culture over profits.
  2. Make worker safety a top priority.
  3. Offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.
  4. Provide ample opportunities for connection, collaboration, and growth.
  5. Ensure employees feel safe physically, emotionally, and mentally at work.
  6. Articulate your WHY – why your company is different and why your employees should stick around.

CertifiedBy empowers Employers of Choice. 

CertifiedBy offers affordable, online programs that allow businesses to self-assess and report on their compliance with a variety of standards. We also provide remediation and certification services to help businesses improve their compliance posture and become certified employers of choice. Our programs are designed to help businesses of all sizes meet the standards set by the government, the private sector, and industry regulators.

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